Over the past five years, we have made remarkable strides in growing our faculty and in attracting and retaining outstanding scholars to the university. We have also made great strides in diversifying our faculty across the disciplines.

To ensure that the very best institutional conditions exist that reinforce our university commitment to excellence, integrity, collegiality, equity, and diversity, President Simpson and I, in partnership with the Faculty Senate, have established a Commission on Academic Excellence and Equity. The Commission membership includes faculty who represent the academic breadth of our university.

As Provost, it is my foremost responsibility to ensure our university achieves its promise as a premier 21st century public research university. And, I believe we have made much progress to date. With that said, I do not believe our work in this regard is complete. It is imperative that we create and sustain a university culture in which each of us has the opportunity to achieve our fullest potential. It is through our faculty’s commitment to sustained academic excellence that the promise of our university’s vision and aspirations will be realized.

Last Modified: Monday April 18 2011